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Flexifoil is for sale

SurfingtodayKite - 24. Октябрь 2023 - 15:03

Legendary British kiteboarding brand Flexifoil is for sale.

In 1972, graduates Ray Merry and Andrew Jones from Newcastle upon Tyne University set out to create a wind sculpture.

Unexpectedly, they ended up crafting a power kite. Soon after, they christened their invention "Flexifoil."

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The chronicle of a post-apocalyptic kite photo

SurfingtodayKite - 13. Октябрь 2023 - 13:01

My name is Jeremy Blatti, but my friends call me Jay. I live in Lausanne, Switzerland.

As an amateur photographer, I combine my passion for photography with my passion for outdoor activities, travel, and sport.

I regularly take my camera with me on these occasions, which is where I take most of my shots.

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