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The impact of constructive and destructive interference in swell formation

Surfing - 28. Ноябрь 2023 - 15:54

Surfing is largely influenced by wave grouping and the interplay of constructive and destructive interference. Let's understand how they affect the quality of the surf.

Waves begin their life with the wind. It's the original and most fundamental principle - without wind, there are no waves.

The friction created by wind blowing over the ocean surface initiates the formation of ripples, which gradually grow into waves.

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AI generates formula that predicts rogue waves

Surfing - 24. Ноябрь 2023 - 13:11

The existence of rogue waves, the colossal and unpredictable oceanic phenomena, has captivated the imagination of sailors for centuries.

These waves, often referred to as "monster waves," were once thought to be mere myths until a groundbreaking event in 1995.

A towering 26-meter rogue wave crashed into the Draupner oil platform in the North Sea.

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10 unusual custom-made artificial wave generation ideas

Surfing - 22. Ноябрь 2023 - 19:09

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to design and build your own private, custom-made wave pool? Well, you're not alone. Here are a few examples of people who tried it.

Imagine you or one of your friends owning a small piece of land with enough space to dig a hole and create a pool-like structure.

And to make things even more interesting, one of your friends is an engineer who knows about fluid mechanics.

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La Reyes Shonan: the gravity-inspired wave pool concept

Surfing - 20. Ноябрь 2023 - 20:00

Making waves is no longer the surf world's best-kept secret. However, there are many paths to paradise. Here's an ingenious wave pool solution.

Welcome to Shonan, one of Japan's best surf centers.

Located in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan, this is a picturesque region known for its beautiful beaches and relaxed, surf-inspired lifestyle.

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The Surfing Christmas Gift Guide for 2023

Surfing - 20. Ноябрь 2023 - 13:11

SurferToday is the home of the longest-running online surfer-driven Christmas Gift Guide. Welcome to the 2023 edition, where the spirit of the ocean meets the joy of the festive season.

As the cool December winds start to blow, it's the perfect time to think about how to bring a wave of happiness to the surf enthusiasts in your life.

The holiday season is a special time for everyone, and for surfers, it's an opportunity to dream about what the New Year will bring.

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Nicolas Cage films "The Surfer" in Western Australia

Surfing - 17. Ноябрь 2023 - 17:17

Nicolas Cage's latest film, "The Surfer," marks a new chapter in the acclaimed actor's multifaceted career.

The psychological surf thriller, directed by Lorcan Finnegan, known for "Vivarium," unfolds in Cage's character's beachside hometown in Australia, a stark shift from the bustling life he built in the U.S.

Upon his return, he faces humiliation at the hands of a local surf gang at a beach he once cherished, sparking a relentless battle that tests the limits of his sanity.

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Mark Cunningham: the long ride of the timeless bodysurfer

Surfing - 16. Ноябрь 2023 - 19:22

He is a Pipeline specialist who doesn't need a board to get barreled and noticed. Mark Cunningham is the human torpedo and probably the most admired bodysurfer on the planet.

He uses his body like a surfboard and has been "The Transformer."

Mark Cunningham was born in 1955 in Milton, Massachusetts, to an Irish air traffic controller father and a Lithuanian mother.

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What is ice windsurfing?

Surfingtoday - 14. Ноябрь 2023 - 18:35

Imagine gliding across a frozen lake, your sail catching the wind, and skis slicing through the ice and snow. Meet the sport that blends the thrill of windsurfing with the crisp, cold beauty of winter landscapes.

Ice windsurfing is not just for extreme sports enthusiasts. It's accessible to anyone who loves sailing and isn't deterred by a bit of cold weather.

With the right conditions - solid ice and a good breeze - ice windsurfing can be an exhilarating way to enjoy the outdoors in winter.

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London waves and underground tides: A "True Surf" story

Surfing - 14. Ноябрь 2023 - 13:31

The injury was a ruptured eardrum, doomed by a hard smack of cold Atlantic seawater.

It wasn't a particularly punchy day by any means, just the ocean reminding me of my fragility.

The doctor said, "No surfing for two months." I was devastated. Surfing had been my life; it had priority over almost everything.

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30 interesting facts you must know about Banzai Pipeline

Surfing - 13. Ноябрь 2023 - 19:07

It consistently produces one of the world's biggest, heaviest, and most dangerous waves, and it's often deemed a surfer's ultimate proving ground. Here's everything you must know about Pipeline, the mother of all waves.

Pipeline is Hawaii's signature wave and one of the archipelago’s Crown Jewels, and it's easy to understand why.

It’s steep, hollow, fast, intense, and ruthless; it can simultaneously be terrifying, powerful, exhilarating, addictive, and mentally challenging.

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Laura Enever breaks Guinness World Record for paddle-in wave

Surfing - 9. Ноябрь 2023 - 13:12

Laura Enever set a new Guinness World Record (GWR) for the largest paddle-in wave ever ridden by a female surfer.

On January 22, 2023, the Australian athlete surfed a 43.6 feet (13.3 meters) wave at Outer Reef on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

"I knew it was big when I paddled into it, and then when I took off, I looked down, and I knew it was definitely the biggest wave I've ever caught," said Enever.

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The history of artificial surf reefs

Surfing - 7. Ноябрь 2023 - 18:55

The world's first attempt to build an efficient artificial surfing reef took place in 1971.

Unfortunately, despite the several projects built since then, there were only a couple of structures successfully generating good, rideable waves.

An artificial surfing reef is a man-made structure placed on the seabed designed to enhance wave characteristics, making the waves more suitable for surfing.

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Kelly Slater rides Surf Abu Dhabi's first wave

Surfing - 7. Ноябрь 2023 - 13:00

Kelly Slater rode the first-ever artificial wave produced at Surf Abu Dhabi, the world's largest wave pool built to date.

It's located on Hudayriyat Island in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The most successful competitive surfer of all time and the mastermind behind the Surf Ranch had the privilege to experience the second facility featuring his trademark wave pool technology.

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River Surfing Network Summit projects new wave riding era

Surfing - 6. Ноябрь 2023 - 14:05

Munich has been the unofficial capital of river surfing for 50 years for its famous Eisvach wave and incredible riding spots.

However, Prague's Štvanice Island was the home of the International River Surfing Network Summit for three days, from October 20-22.

The Czech initiative welcomed representatives and designers from a total of 11 river surfing projects across Europe.

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El Porto, Manhattan Beach: the love-hate swell magnet wave

Surfing - 3. Ноябрь 2023 - 18:12

El Porto is a wave magnet, and for that reason, it is one of the most crowded surf breaks in Los Angeles. Here's what makes it special.

Everybody knows that El Porto does not have a good reputation.

It's frequently mocked, downplayed, and criticized, even by those who never surfed it.

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Taschen releases the complete Silver Surfer collection

Surfing - 2. Ноябрь 2023 - 14:24

Imagine a book so big and magical that you could almost use it as a surfboard to ride the entire galaxy.

If that wasn't Taschen's original idea when they decided to compile all Silver Surfer stories from the 1968 series, then it could very well be.

The Silver Surfer is one of the most controversial and popular characters in the Marvel Comics universe and, at some point, was an unlikely addition to the company's roster.

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Jordy Smith: the all-around South African surfing virtuoso

Surfing - 31. Октябрь 2023 - 17:52

He is one of the greatest competitive athletes in the history of professional surfing who has not won a world title. Here's the story of Jordy Smith.

A powerful carver, a superb tube rider, a master aerialist, and an astute strategist are rare attributes to find in a professional surfer.

Jordan Michael Smith was born on February 11, 1988, in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, to teacher Luellen and surfboard shaper Graham Smith.

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Justine Dupont rules the inaugural New Big Wave Challenge

Surfing - 30. Октябрь 2023 - 11:35

Justine Dupont claimed the top honors at the inaugural New Big Wave Challenge awards held in Nazaré, Portugal.

The French big-wave surfer won Biggest Wave, Ride of the Year, and Surfer of the Year in the women's categories.

Driving her victories was a wave she rode at the Cortes Bank, a rogue seamount 100 miles off the California coast last January while filming for the HBO Documentary Series "100 Foot Wave."

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CheckMySurf: the AI-powered video tracking tool by Wavegarden

Surfing - 27. Октябрь 2023 - 9:42

Wavegarden announced the launch of CheckMySurf, a video capture, replay, editing, and distribution service for surf park operators and their customers.

The fully automated system leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including face recognition, to deliver an extensive array of innovative features in the surf park industry.

Crafted in-house to capture every ride within the Reef and Bay areas of Wavegarden's surfing lagoons, CheckMySurf's standout feature is its connection to the wave generator and outdoor LED screens positioned alongside the take-off area.

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Antoine Albeau sets new nautical mile record at 44.12 knots

Surfingtoday - 26. Октябрь 2023 - 13:00

It's official. The World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) ratified two new outstanding accomplishments in windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Antoine Albeau set a new windsurfing world speed record over the nautical mile (1.852 meters).

On June 30, 2023, the French multiple-time world windsurfing champion sailed at an average of 44.12 knots (81.71 kilometers per hour).

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